2019 Season

All Paperware is included with Holiday Colors

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Menu 1

Luncheon Meats: Sliced Lean Ham & Smoked Turkey Breast with Tuna Salad
Sliced Swiss, Provolone and White American Cheeses
Sliced Tomato and Crisp Lettuce 
Fruit Salad and Potato Salad
Kim's very own .....** Jump in the Boat ..... Sausage and Meatballs with
sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms in a red sauce.
Stuffed Shells with Cheese
Assorted Rolls,  Breads, Chips, Condiments
Holiday Cookies and Holiday Paperware

Menu Price.... $9.25 p/p for 25-49  /  50 Price..... $8.75 p/p

With both hot items add $2.25 p/p

Menu 2

Wraps assorted ...Ham...Turkey...Roast Beef...Tuna
(Vegetarian wraps available)

Wedding Soup or Chicken Corn Noodle

Meatballs in red sauce with rolls
Pasta or Tossed Salad

Chunked Assorted Cheeses

Holiday Cookies
Holiday Paperware

Menu Price...$9.75 p/p for 25-49   /   50 plus... $8.95 p/p

Menu 3

Roasted Whole Chicken Legs

Baked Potato or Macaroni and Cheese

Cole Slaw or Tossed Salad

Dinner Rolls with Butter
Dessert Cake
Holiday Paperware

Menu Price...$8.45 p/p - 25-49   /   50 Plus... $8.25 p/p

Ala Carte Favorites with Holiday Menus only

1/ Kim's BBQ with rolls .......... $1.95 p/p
2/ Cheese & Bolognas..............$1.50 p/p
3/ Ice Tea or Lemonade........... $.85 p/p


1/ To reserve date you must submit a deposit in advance. Nonrefundable
2/ Delivery Fee is $20.00 
3/ Menu Price does not include 6% sales tax or server fees
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