2017 Season

All Paperware is included with Holiday Colors

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Menu 1

Luncheon Meats: Sliced Lean Ham & Smoked Turkey Breast with Tuna Salad
Sliced Swiss, Provolone and White American Cheeses
Sliced Tomato and Crisp Lettuce 
Fruit Salad and Potato Salad
Kim's very own .....** Jump in the Boat ..... Sausage and Meatballs with
sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms in a red sauce.
Stuffed Shells with Cheese
Assorted Rolls,  Breads, Chips, Condiments
Holiday Cookies and Holiday Paperware

Menu Price.... $9.25 p/p for 25-49  /  50 Price..... $8.55 p/p

With both hot items add $2.25 p/p

Menu 2

Wraps assorted ...Ham...Turkey...Roast Beef...Tuna
(Vegetarian wraps available)

Wedding Soup

Meatballs in red sauce with rolls
Pasta or Tossed Salad

Chunked Assorted Cheeses

Holiday Cookies
Holiday Paperware

Menu Price...$9.75 p/p for 25-49   /   50 plus... $9.75 p/p

Menu 3

Roasted Whole Chicken Legs

Baked Potato or Macaroni and Cheese

Cole Slaw or Tossed Salad

Dinner Rolls with Butter
Dessert Cake
Holiday Paperware

Menu Price...$8.45 p/p - 25-49   /   50 Plus... $8.45 p/p

Ala Carte Favorites with Holiday Menus only

1/ Kim's BBQ with rolls .......... $1.95 p/p
2/ Cheese & Bolognas..............$1.50 p/p
3/ Ice Tea or Lemonade........... $.85 p/p


1/ To reserve date you must submit a deposit in advance. Nonrefundable
2/ Delivery Fee is $10.00 Mon - Fri. 8AM to 4PM. After 4 PM & Weekends $20.00
3/ Menu Price does not include 6% sales tax or server fees
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